Above is a screen shot of what was on the website of Joni and Friends. That's nice they got rid of such an insulting and disrespectful publication, but what's not so nice is that they didn't replace it with accurate information that shows respect towards aTypical people. Apparently, that's left up to aTypical people to fix the mess NTs create? Is this a NT disability or a pride thing? My NT husband tells me that its the pride of NTs that cause the disability. That makes sense given he was able to understand and see how wrong he was about me after 35+ years!... he finally got it! Praise the Lord! Now he's more qualified to minister to neurologically different relationships! If he didn't humble himself before the Lord, this would not have happened! God rewards obedience and God knows how much persecution Aspies face throughout their life. That's non-Christian Aspies. It's a whole different nightmare for Christian Aspies in a heathen neurotypical world!

Below is simply text that was copied and pasted from an archived version of the webpage on Autism. Where now is there support for people who God created with aTypically wired brains, especially since those in control scrubbed clean away the information researched showing Aspergers is genetically different than Autism? This is why the Asperger Ministry was created.

Joni and Friends International Disability Center

(The question is, “Why would Joni and Friends” remove this video if it was fine as is? Were they embarrassed to discover how foolish it comes across? That wouldn't happen if they didn't automatically assume to know what God knows and asked either God or an elderly wise adult on the spectrum, who hasn't been brainwashed by the self-proclaimed younger neurotypical “experts” on the aTypical population.)

Making Sense of Autism: Part 2

Part 2: Truth for the Church

Episode 31 - Season 2

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Part two: Autism is on the rise in America. But its causes remain unknown, and a cure is yet to be found. Common misunderstandings include the notions that children with autism are not able to learn, or that their behavior is simply the result of poor discipline. In Part One, you’ll see these myths dispelled, as you look into the lives of families that include a child with autism. Part Two addresses a crucial question: What is the role of the church in the lives of families affected by autism? Find out what these families need most from the church – as well as the blessings that come from including every person in the body of Christ.

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Part 2: Barbara J. Newman, author of Autism and Your Church, offers expert advice on how your church can welcome and include children with autism and their families.

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