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Why do some NT's find people with Asperger's so unlikeable or annoying?

I know we can be different, but define what you think it is.

I have major problems with disrespect issues. My appearance is very clean cut and professional looking to the point where people sometimes give me undue respect or credit based solely off my appearance. Then once they kinda pick up that I can be clumsy or inappropriate in my interactions.....they get kind of annoyed.

The expression that comes to mind would be like a person saying to me....."Oh my gosh this guy is slow, do I have to spell everything out for him.....he can't be that disabled"

The thing is.....a lot of the time, I understand where the other person is coming from, I'm just not as good as them as projecting it. I notice people getting upset and assuming that I'm slower than what I am. I also notice that the treatment changes from nice to a feeling of contempt or poor regard.

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I have aspergers too. I dont like most NTs because they are judgemental. I think that they don't understand us. I think its good to be different :)

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People make judgements about people in the first seconds when they meet. So when the judgement they have made about you does not match what they discover about you - it makes them uncomfortable IF they don't know what to do.

My son encounters the reverse. They see him and they see a person with Down syndrome and they are uncomfortable because he is a person with a disability and they don't know how to interact with him, but in a few seconds they realize he is very easy to talk to. He smiles, he makes good eye contact, he shakes hands, he knows how to make friendly conversation - so they relax. They realize they can interact with him the same way they do everyone.

I am assuming what happens with you is that they see you - they see an ordinary person and they start to interact with you as if you are ordinary. And than suddenly they realize you are not making good eye contact, you are not making appropriate conversation, etc - so they do become annoyed - at them self because now they don't know what to say or do. They have to think about how to converse with you. It is no longer natural and ordinary. Some people are so uncomfortable with that that they cannot continue the conversation, others muddle through, and some excel.

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Why Are Aspies So Annoying


I don't like those people who think people with aspergers are annoying why because I have it plus I am pre teen that made this. How do you think about the answers?

They can be really creepy and not make sense at all. This one kid with autism or something who used to go to my HS went around and asked like 50 girls out in one day b/c he thought it made him look cool.

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