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In Conclusion

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In conclusion, this Asperger Ministry has basically only served as a role of a teacher. It may have ministered to some souls, but it couldn’t have in the way this ministry was originally intended to do. It was designed to educate pastors of churches within this ministry’s area. What actually happened was that these pastors educated the Asperger Ministry with some sad feedback. That feedback tells this ministry that there is NO interest among the churches to adjust their thinking to accommodate a minority group they can afford to neglect.

Churches very much want the image of welcoming all groups of people and they can give a great show of it publicly, but in private it’s a whole other scenario. Privately is how Aspies get the cold shoulder. For example, when COVID hit, some neurotypical church member created “Operation Reach Out” for those who felt isolated due to the shut downs. This can be an Aspie’s dream to call shut-ins to keep them company on the phone! Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

[Note: Not all Aspies want to be called on the phone to chit chat, but those who do must be prepared to find something else to do than to wait for their phone to ring. The only incoming phone calls an Aspie may receive will be the kind where someone wants to take advantage of them in some way. Comments like, “I’ll give you a call later,” or “We’re going to have to do something fun together some day,” do not mean anything without a specific date planned. These remarks are social vaccinations designed to protect against the disease of socializing with the aTypical lepers.]

An Aspie can call up a so-called lonely neurotypical “Christian” shut away at home alone and receive in return for their thoughtful gesture silence. The list of ways for Aspies to be mistreated from being misunderstood and judged wrong is endless! Jesus can behave in a fashion towards Aspies that wouldn’t grieve the Holy Spirit. Jesus would not only talk to an Aspie reaching out to Him, He’d also call and visit her too! He’d be a friend to any Aspie who’d be His friend! And what He’d NEVER do is make any empty promises!

This Asperger Ministry advises Aspies to visit churches at their own risk. The risk for being hurt emotionally is very high, but if you know ahead of time what to expect, you can stay ahead of everyone else by remaining alert to what’s going on by understanding how the neurotypical social world operates. Small talk isn’t part of Aspie language, but it’s there if it’s needed. The power of the Holy Spirit in Aspies shines brightest through candid logic. That’s the best reason to fellowship with others. Don’t expect appreciation or popularity in return for straightforward truth from the congregation. Wait for the Lord. Live by God’s Word.

God will tell us, who speak His truth in boldness, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” We live for the Lord and we die for the Lord! He is our Savior and there is none other! Praise be to God! Glory be to Our Father in Heaven! In Heaven, no one will be without a close friend to hang out with regularly!