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The Curator

The curator for the Asperger Ministry is both a Christian and an Aspie. Her name is Faith. Her husband David is also a Christian, but he’s neurotypical. He wasn’t born again until September 26, 2021. This couple raised an Aspie son and a NT daughter. The Aspie son remains single. The NT daughter is married with five children. The oldest grandchild is an Aspie. The others are NT. Faith’s mother was NT and her father was an Aspie.

For a little more than six years, this Asperger Ministry was kept on hold to avoid new material from being added online to the site. Posts published during 2015 to 2016 were up to date with everything known to the curator at that time. During the six year break, more information arrived that’s beneficial to add. It needs to be organized before it’s ready for publication and will be before the end of 2023, God willing.

The public has a general idea of how our world has changed between the autumn of 2016 and near the end of 2022. Our information war is escalating to levels unlike before. This site is not a debate platform to welcome misinformation. The only authority allowed a voice here is objective experience. Subjective opinions can be expressed elsewhere.

Besides the transitions happening in the world, personal changes occurring in the curator’s life bring more reasons to update the Asperger Ministry. Faith is still adjusting to life, as the wife of a believing husband. Decades of being married to Dave, while he was still unsaved by God, left an imprint to compare how a unsaved NT changes in his treatment towards his same wife after God saves him.

Even though the curator of this ministry is one aged grandmother, she would not be equipped for the task without the team of people too numerous to list that she had and has in her life. She belonged to a support group for adult Aspies, until the leader of that group (a NT psychologist) passed away. Faith temporarily led this group until a replacement arrived.