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The introduction of the Asperger Ministry to the internet began on February 3, 2015. The goal of this ministry is to bridge the gap between neurotypicals and atypical Christians, especially within church congregations. Leaders in churches willing to admit the need for greater understanding on how to manage relationships between people whose brains are not wired to process information the same way can receive help inspired by the Holy Ghost rather than use licensed resources by the medical profession.

Individuals within a church’s congregation may also benefit from this ministry’s services. How we are all different in processing information needs to be honored and respected. No one benefits from feeling like they are defective and in need of being “fixed.”

All else aside, relationship challenges existing between those who are neurologically different are not a health issue. Not all behavior problems require medical attention. Many simply need Godly wisdom and guidance in knowing how to relate to an individual who is foreign to one’s way of thinking.

Information here is kept as minimal as possible to provide an idea of the kind of support offered behind the scenes. Because this is a ministry, there are no fees for the support offered. We trust the LORD will provide for our needs as they arise. He is faithful! All praise and glory to our Father in Heaven! Amen!

For those who desire to compare our old site to this new one, the original platform contains tons of links. If that doesn’t float your boat, here is another page full of more!

As of August 22, 2023, this Asperger Ministry has ended future plans aimed at expanding its reach in the way originally intended. It was mistakenly believed pastors in the region would have interest to learn from the trustworthy rich information provided here, but if this was true, it would have been evident after decades of investigating into this matter.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted to say, “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” In the case of what we learned here at this ministry is, “It’s what people don’t say and don’t do speaks the loudest.” Talk is cheap, especially among the church community. To go the extra mile, means thinking of the future and protecting work accomplished here for the benefit of others who may be interested to learn. This is what’s behind the effort done to preserve the articles used for the development of this site, by making copies to protect truth from the endless deception that the future seems to have no limit to spewing out.